from a dream to reality...       

We strive to provide our customers the highest quality products at affordable prices. We post our packages Australia wide using Australia Post or other trusted courier service. We continue to bring new and exciting products to join our Billy's Secret line that will compliment each other  in many different ways. Our food grade 100% Natural Epsom Salts have been sourced from Germany and the Organic Bentonite Clay is sourced right here from  Australia. We hope you find our range as beneficial as we have found it in our journey with Billy.

About Billy

We knew when we began running Epsom and Bentonite Clay baths for Billy aged 5, diagnosed with Autism there was no guarantees it would help.  After using the food grade range we found him to be more pleasant and much more relaxed almost immediately.  We noticed changes in Billy's speech and in his overall understanding of daily instructions. The Clay assists Billy's body to rid itself of toxins and the Epsom Salts help him relax and recover.  Many interventions and Bio-Medicines are part of our ongoing plan for Billy and have worked great in combination with this range.